Skin Care Tips that Can’t Be Beat!

By Sarah Frost

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. It spans from your head to your toes and without ever saying a word to someone, this is what they see first. So why not keep it beautiful, healthy and glowing?

Acne is the worst. I don’t think you’ll meet a single person who has said they’ve had a good experience with the oily, bumpy condition. Why would you? Skin issues always seems to strike when you really need a clear complexion. Picture day? Boom, mountain right in between your brows. Job interview? Dry skin, and irritation. First day of school? After a summer of clear, glowing skin, you wake up with a half erupted volcano on your nose. As if you didn’t have enough to stress about. But it’s important to remember that acne happens to everyone. And just because you don’t have clear skin now, doesn’t mean you can’t get it later. In fact, you can help clear your skin just by changing your diet. Stop using harsh chemicals on your face. They may work short term, but do you even know what’s in the stuff you’re applying onto your body? Not to mention they smell heinous. Check out these skin care tips for a great complexion!

Skin care tips for things you should be eating:

* Go Nuts: Nuts contain selenium, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and acne in many cases. Along with vitamin E it helps to fight free radicals that can often damage your skin. A diet rich in brazil nuts and almonds can help keep your selenium levels high, and your acne low.

* Start avocaDOing: Avocados contain omega 3 fatty acids. Don’t let the word fatty scare you, these are good fats to have in your diet! They are also a great source of vitamin C, and E, which keep acne causing bacteria under control. Using avocado as a mask or avocado oil as a moisturizer can naturally hydrate your skin and keep it clear.

* Boost your beta carotene: Beta Carotene is an important part of Vitamin A which keeps your skin strong and is a natural shield against the sun’s harsh ultra violet rays. Beta carotene is found in bright, colorful foods, especially yellow, orange and green. Sweet potatoes, carrots, dark, leafy greens and peppers are great options!

* Add tomatoes to your diet: Tomatoes contain lycopene which is an anti-oxidant and anti-aging super substance. They keep your skin hydrated and healthy, and will even out your complexion!

* Water: whether you’re drinking it from the glass, or getting it through foods with high water content, water is one of the best things for your skin. Make sure you’re getting the recommended 8 cups a day to flush out any toxins, and to keep your skin from drying out. Water is the easiest way to keep your skin from getting cracked and dry and it also regulates blood flow and keeps your cells nourished. Cucumbers, watermelon and greens have high water content.

Just as there are things that you can add to your diet, there are also things that would be better left alone. These skin care tips involve a few things to steer clear of, if you’re trying to keep your skin clear!

* Dairy: There are a whole lot of things that bother me about dairy, but this is one that may finally get people to listen. Believe it or not, cow’s milk is meant for cows and not humans. For example, a hormone in milk called IGF-1 is amazing for calf growth, but results in inflammation in people. In addition to this, cheese, milk and other dairy products actually increase the amount of oil that your sebaceous gland secrete. The excess oil is more likely to clog pores and lead to acne. Finally, dairy makes it harder for dead skin cells to clear out which allows for oils to collect and become inflamed. Bottom line is, dairy is an oil making machine. You are what you eat, and if you’re putting a greasy slice of pizza into your mouth, your body is going be representative of that.

* Processed and greasy foods: Not all fatty foods cause acne. In fact, healthy fats are good for your skin! But when you eat fat that isn’t natural, that’s when a problem starts to form. Greasy foods fried in canola oil or margarine with scary ingredients—these things are not good for you or your skin. French fries tossed into a deep fryer is going to fry your chances of a good complexion.

* Soda: You probably already know that soda is bad for your teeth. Moms always use the “You’ll rot your teeth” intimidation factor to keep kids from overdoing it. But did you know that it’s also contributing to your aging skin? The high sugar content not only produces a lot of inflammation, but it also reacts with your skin cells and causes dryness, decrease in color, and premature wrinkles.

Though the causes of acne are greatly affected by genetics, you can start to clear your skin by making lifestyle changes. There are plenty of things you can do as an individual to keep your skin looking young, clear and beautiful. Even though good skin can be a result of genes, I guarantee that people with a glowing complexion are doing things themselves to keep it that way. Using these skin care tips, you will find your complexion clearer in no time!

Whether it’s due to stress, too much sun exposure or poor diet, we all lose the elasticity and glow of our skin at some point. But you can delay that as long as possible. In fact, you can do it naturally!

The great thing about natural remedies is that sometimes you have to look no further than the kitchen! There are plenty of ways that you can clear up your complexion and glow with the power of organic and natural foods! Here are some easy homemade skin care tips and ideas for masks and other skin repairing treatment:

Natural ways to fix your skin:

* Avocado masks and oils for hydration

* Tomato juice to shrink pores

* Honey for an anti-acne facial

* Coconut oil for moisturizing and anti-aging

* Cucumbers for hydration

But it’s important to remember that there are a variety of other things that can harm your skin and keep you from looking your best. Make sure that you are protecting yourself when you go out in the sun! Too much sun exposure early on can lead to wrinkles and even cancer later in life. That tan may look great now, but don’t forget, that’s damaged skin. Even sleep has an effect! Lack of sleep can keep your skin looking pale and sallow. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! There are a plenty of skin care tips that don’t involve the use of harsh chemicals. By changing your diet and day to day choices, you can start getting healthier skin!

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