Local Loves: PULP

By Tess Donnelly

Colorful acai bowls and smoothies are all the rage right now and lucky for us Harrisonburg has their very own organic acai bowl and smoothie place right downtown! Not many people know about PULP because oddly enough it’s found inside a bicycle shop. The Shenandoah Bike Company opened its doors in May of 2000 and has been up and running ever since. PULP followed in May 2010 to compliment the bicycle shopacai-bowl

It is no surprise that the main ingredient found in every acai bowl is Acai, pronounced ah-sah-EE. Acai is a fruit found on the trees in the Amazon region of Brazil. PULP blends Sambazon Acai puree packets that are packed with antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids with ingredients such as organic non-dairy milk, apple juice and a variety of other healthy super fruits. The usual techniques used to prepare this fruit include pureeing and freezing. Freezing is a great technique to use in cooking and handling fruits because it preserves the fruits nutritional value.

PULP’s menu includes four different Acai bowls with the option to build your own bowl. My personal favorite is the “Short Mountain” which is a blend of acai, banana, almond butter, almonds, coconut milk and granola.

In addition to acai bowls and smoothies, PULP also offers a variety of Chinese teas from the Red Blossom Tea Company.

PULP is the perfect spot to check out if you’re in the mood for a healthy snack or in need of a pick me up. The atmosphere is so relaxed and inviting, you may even find yourself inspired to pick up a cycling habit!

Next time you find yourself in downtown Harrisonburg, make sure to pay this quaint downtown bike shop a visit and try out their delicious acai bowls for yourself!

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