Party of One

By: Courtney Kurtz

Cooking for just yourself can be difficult when most recipes make several servings and eating the same meal for several nights is not always appealing. Plus, grocery shopping isn’t always a priority when tests are coming up. So to help prevent you from picking up that phone and ordering take-out here is some helpful tips for cooking for a party of one.

  1. Don’t let your ingredients go bad.

Set up two recipes that will have some of the same ingredients so nothing goes to waste. For example, a recipe for one may call for half of an avocado. If you don’t have another meal set up that will use that other half within the next few days then it will probably go bad and have to be thrown away.

  1. Your freezer is now your best friend.

Freeze the excess of ingredients, leftovers, or any large quantity of food products you may have purchased. They will keep longer allowing you to use them at your convenience.

  1. Frozen fruits and veggies are still a good option if you can’t go grocery shopping every week.

Frozen produce has a bad reputation for not having much nutritional value. However, frozen is a great option if buying fresh produce ends with you having to throw away half of it because it spoils. Frozen produce still has great nutritional value and only a little less than fresh.

  1. Don’t buy bulk unless you know you can finish it before it goes bad.

A bulk pack of frozen produce may go bad before you can use it all, so make sure you know what meals you are making ahead of time. Also, it is okay to buy grains from the bulk section because you can buy the amount you need and it is sometimes less expensive.

  1. Is this still good?

Label anything you put in the freezer with the date so you know when to throw it out. This will help lower your grocery bill and prevent you from wasting any usable food.

  1. Plan ahead!

If you are cooking for just you then it can be easy to plan ahead because no one else matters! You cook what you want to and what you like, this way you can even make healthy cooking your number one priority. By planning ahead you can buy what you need and decrease the amount of impulsive food purchases you make.


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