Power Yourself Through Class With A Healthy Breakfast!

by Simona Lourekas


An empty stomach, or just some coffee are no way to start the day, especially when you are busy with classes, extracurricular activities, and scaling the hills of the JMU campus. A healthy breakfast will give you the energy to make it through the day, and has been shown to help students pay better attention in classes and score higher on tests.

You’ve probably heard that they should eat breakfast, but did you know that it helps control your appetite throughout the day? Keeping you from over-snacking later on. Therefore helping to maintain weight and make healthy food choices throughout the day!

However not all breakfast’s are created equal, some things will make you crash before you’re through your first class, and well before lunch. These foods are high in sugar and low in nutrients such as a donut, breakfast pastry, or Starbucks Frappuccino.


Here are some power breakfast ideas that combine protein, fat, and carbohydrates:

  • If you’re in a hurry, a slice of whole grain or whole wheat toast with a nut butter such as peanut butter will fill you up because the nut butter provides healthy fats and protein, and the toast provides fiber.

Adding sliced banana on top or taking a piece of fruit with you on the go will increase the nutrient content of your breakfast, by adding more fiber and vitamins.

  • Oatmeal is filled with fiber to keep you full. To make it even healthier and tastier you can add any fruit you like, such as blueberries or sliced apple; whatever is in your fridge or available at the dining hall! Dried fruits such as raisins and cranberries work as well.

For more protein you can add in nut butters such as peanut butter or almond butter, or whole nuts such as walnuts or almonds.

Get creative!


  • Another sure breakfast bet are eggs! Whatever way you prepare them the egg white will be filled with protein and nutrients, such as folate, calcium, potassium and magnesium. The egg yolk contains essential fatty acids and vitamins.

For a more well-rounded breakfast eat the egg on a slice of whole grain or whole-wheat toast. I like to add avocado on as well!

If you have the time, make an omelet with a little cheese, spinach, broccoli, tomato, and other vegetables. The darker green the color of the vegetable, the more mineral and vitamin rich it is.

If you start by adding just a glass of milk, a piece of fruit, or a serving of nuts for breakfast, you may notice that you pay better attention in those morning classes, and make healthier choices for the rest of the day!








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