New Year’s Resolutions – Promises to Your Body and the New YOU!

by Kenny Parker


As we all know, everyone wants to change drastically on the first of January, but many do not know where to start. Some people think that they will no longer eat sweets, the will cut out fast food, they will only eat salads for breakfast, or hit the gym 5 to 6 days a gym. These are all great goals to abide by if you truly want to make that change in your life, but the change has to be gradual. Unfortunately for all of us, new year’s comes right after two of the largest eating holidays of the year, where family, friends, and fun are always a great excuse to eat the meals you grew up on, go out to a restaurant you love, or even to just go on a small vacation. In saying this there are always a few tricks a tips to help you get to your goal. What most people do not remember is that a New year’s resolution is not to see how long you can hold on to one big change but taking the whole entirety of that year to learn how to stick to that desired change successfully, so that the following year you can pick a new change rather than the same one, over and over again.

Tip #1: Set small goals. I know this gets pushed all the time by everyone, but small goals not only allow yourself to have breaks once in a while, but they make you feel a great sense of accomplishment once you achieve them.

Tip #2: Have a buddy system. A friend, parent, significant other, or a mentor can act as a buddy. These people can help push you when you need a push and help you relax in a time of need where all you want is to give up. It always helps if they have the same goal as you too, so that you can also help them rather than just be one sided.

Tip #3: Track your goal. Whether it is a fitness program or a new diet, track everything you do. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds only due to the fact that it takes a good understanding of your goal, but if you take the time to research it, track it, and maintain it. Then you will be able to have a visual stimulator to keep going, while also making your investment into your goal much larger to help you keep up with it. This has been made easier with apps that you can put on your phone too!

Tip #4: Lastly, just do what makes you happy! Overall, you should try to live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t make yourself hate it while you are trying to self improve. Still take the time to appreciate the hobbies and habits you know and love while slightly tweaking them to accommodate with the “you” that you want to be. Find a happy place with any goal you set and live life to whatever fullest extent you want to.

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